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  • Inspiring Spiritual Retreats in Exceptional Places

  • Biblical/Life changing On-Line courses for small groups & individuals

  • Daily Podcasts

  • The Promised Super Abundant Life

  • Restoration/resolution from difficult circumstances

  • Knowing God’s specific Will for each of us – Best & None Better

Learn to thrive, as you experience the true Christian life to the fullest!

Why Strengthen Your Relationship With God?

Do you frequently feel anxious, depressed, or lost? Are you experiencing mediocrity and resignation about your relationship with God? We live in a world that seems to descend further into chaos and strife every year. However, God and His truth will lead you to a peaceful and happy life. We know that spending time abiding with God will change your life because it has changed our lives and the lives of the thousands of individuals we’ve worked with.

As a nonprofit organization, All for Jesus Living Waters Ministry is here to help you deepen your relationship with God in any way we can. Call us for more information.

How Can We Encourage Your Spiritual Growth?

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Do you struggle to connect with or understand the word of God? Our retreat will take you on a spiritual journey to improve your communication with God and better prepare for the future He has planned for you.

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Online School

Meeting in-person may not be possible for you, so we offer a series of courses designed to strengthen your relationship with God and your relationship with your spouse wherever you are. Check out our online courses today.

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One retreat or event is not enough to keep you connected to God in your daily life. If you need help inviting the Holy Spirit into your life, listen to our weekly podcast. Our founder Richard Case along with various guests will discuss how to find peace in this chaotic world.

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Do you want to delve into an in-depth study of forgiveness, unity, or adversity? We offer a wide range of books that can guide you as you study and come closer to God. Browse through our growing collection to find the perfect book for you.

We Believe Everyone Needs Access to God

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