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Podcast - Come and See: Finding Truth in a World of Chaos

We have now launched our video YouTube channel and podcast audio channels - Spotify and Apple.  Our title is : "Come and See: Finding truth in a world of chaos." Richard Case, founder of Abide Ministries, and Kathy Rocconi, one of our ministry leaders sit each weekday and discuss the chaos in the world, the uncertainty of what believers are facing in this chaotic world – which is often is leading to resignation and fear; especially since there is little biblical and Godly wisdom being understood; and give biblical understanding of truths that will give us understanding of how to live in this world so that we still live in God’s covenant life of abundant life (blessed to be a blessing).

Our sessions are conducted in three parts:  the chaos and difficulty of the world right now, time in the Word about subjects that help us navigate through this so that we continue to live in peace and joy and covenant living, and then answering personal questions sent in by those watching YouTube or listing on the podcasts.  Each Thursday we have “Guest Day” where leaders and other recipients of the ministry share their personal stories.  Each Friday we have “End Times Friday’s” to specifically discuss the biblical truths of the End that is given in scripture so that we have a truthful and balanced view toward what is sure to happen and the events we currently are experiencing in the world.

The podcasts will all be archived so after 10:00 am each weekday, so after loaded up you can watch any previous broadcasts and podcast.

Each weekday (Monday-Friday), we broadcast a new session at 10:00 am Mountain Time (so other time zones at corresponding time).  The links are as follows:

A Weekly Break From the Chaos and Uncertainty of the World

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